About Me
    I am an animator, programmer, drummer, and high school student. My passion for animation (hey that's a rhyme) started in 2011. One of my close friends who I had just met then introduced me to film-production. We watched many Lego animations on YouTube and were inspired by them to make some of our own. Mind that we animated at 8 FPS back then, so you can imagine how poor of quality they were. We kept making them and posting them. But, then my friend moved away, thus we were not able to produce them anymore, at least not together. We still had many ideas and stories that we came up with. I attempted to keep up with the animations, but soon, school and other events and schedules got in the way, so I quit making them entirely.
    Next, I introduced myself to programming with ComputerCraft in Minecraft. I didn't actually start programming there though. I actually started with the built-in Windows language, Batch. Sadly, I lost all of them due to a virus on my computer that I wiped. But, the ones that I did post here on this site are still here for download. I also got a book from the library and learned HTML in a few weeks. Then, I began programming in Lua with ComputerCraft. I spent around a year programming with that. I went to a few Robotics camps here and there, learning more as I went. Now, I dabble in all sorts of different things.
    Now, just 2 years ago, I picked up animation again. But this time, I was watching a lot of tutorials, Keshen's videos, Fancy Pants' videos, Mindgame's videos, and among others, SuburbAnimationStudios's few, but amazing videos. I was trying to learn how to animate at a smooth rate of 25 FPS. Now, I know that some of the animators that I mentioned animate at 15 FPS. I simply was trying to learn good film-making skills, habits, and ideas. What you see from me today is from watching lots of amazing Lego videos.

    If you yearn to learn something, then go to YouTube and search what you want to learn. There's probably already a video for it.